Employee Background

Qualifications We Seek

GTRI continuously seeks dynamic and innovative college graduates for entry-level research positions in disciplines related to engineering, information technology and science. Individuals with advanced degrees and significant experience are considered for more upper-level positions.

Research personnel are members of the Georgia Tech general faculty and hold research faculty titles comparable to academic titles. Professional growth opportunities include patent rights, freedom for approved outside consulting, periodic special courses in project management and selected technical topics, and support for paper preparation and presentation.

In addition to research positions, GTRI also hires professional support personnel in such areas as administrative support, management and technical support. Professional support staff at GTRI receive starting salaries based on academic background, experience, job duties and job qualifications.

GTRI is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, offering exceptional benefits for research faculty and professional support staff. Research faculty with bachelor's degrees are required to pursue an advanced degree; excellent tuition reimbursement programs are available for all employees. In addition, national and local salary surveys are monitored as a guide in maintaining offers that are competitive in the current market. Performance and salaries are reviewed annually.

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