The Commercial Product...

The Commercial Product Realization Office (CPRO)

As a contract research center staffed by full-time professionals, GTRI delivers cutting edge technology development skills combined with practical business experience. We’re successful because we respond to the needs and schedules of our customers.

Over $20 million in sponsored projects have contributed to CPRO's success. CPRO provides customers with a broad range of services, including advice on:

  • Technology selection
  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Production preparation
  • Product data documentation
  • Testing assistance

CPRO has notable product inceptions in telecommunications and medical instrumentation, including:

  • A system of television over DSL, enabling telephone companies to compete in delivering television
  • One of the first gigabit per second fiber optic Ethernet switches
  • Niche diagnostic systems for medical and dental industries

We frequently help companies determine the most promising technological direction to pursue in light of technological complexity and potential for development. We also factor in business considerations like resources, competitive technologies, intellectual property and time-to-market.

CPRO also serves as a resource to Georgia Tech professionals who need help managing intellectual properties and translating them into opportunities to make an impact in the commercial sector. CPRO staff provides consulting help and short courses for colleagues on customer relations and intellectual property decision making.