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Electronic Systems Laboratory (ELSYS)

ELSYS delivers innovative products, research, and education which have positive and lasting impacts on our customers. Our mission is to solve problems and advance solutions to meet state and national objectives. ELSYS employs an end-to-end approach to developing electronic warfare and other electronic systems solutions. ELSYS human systems research supports U.S. government agency needs, industrial product usability and accessibility evaluation, and workplace health and safety programs. 

ELSYS core competencies include:

Electronic Warfare Life Cycle Engineering
ELSYS provides electronic warfare analysis, technology development, test and evaluation, support equipment, software, and integration to solve complex survivability problems in real world applications. The laboratory builds and employs the latest models to investigate key DoD EW concepts and systems. The laboratory provides operational embedded software and has designed hardware modifications for multiple production systems fielded on military aircraft.

Human Systems Integration
ELSYS provides a broad Human Systems Integration program encompassing the following sub-disciplines: human factors engineering, occupational health, safety, manpower, personnel, training, survivability, and habitability. The laboratory provides rapid prototyping and fielding of systems for various application, including most recently a human sensor suite.

Applied Systems Engineering
ELSYS systems engineering programs provide methodologies, tools, education, and leadership to support acquisition and life-cycle sustainment problems. The laboratory works in the early acquisition phase to help decision makers optimize the design trade space for a spectrum on DoD systems.

Avionics Systems Integration
ELSYS provides avionics systems integration to include data fusion of multi-spectral electronic warfare systems, standards development and piloting, and defensive suite integration. The laboratory develops software and hardware tools to test and train for both tactical and national data links.

Unmanned Systems and Robotics
As part of an integrated robotic program at GTRI, ELSYS provide technology development in underwater unmanned systems, micro vehicles research, and vehicle autonomy.

Professional Education and Training
ELSYS engineers and scientists support Georgia Tech Professional Education Programs in Health and Safety, Systems Engineering, and Electronic Warfare.

Professional Program Management
ELSYS employs industry standard management processes as defined by the Professional Management Institute and Software Engineering Institute.

ELSYS applied research spans a broad spectrum of systems problems including:

  • Airborne, ground, and surface electronic warfare engineering
  • Digital wide bandwidth receiver technology
  • Photonics technology applications
  • Networked/distributed threat simulations
  • Electronic warfare battle management tools and techniques
  • Collaborative tools for open source software development
  • Developmental and operational testing
  • Health technologies and healthcare product evaluation
  • Cyber warfare and electronic warfare convergence
  • Behavior modeling and computational social systems
  • Environmental and occupational health applied to the Department of Defense
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