Electro-Optical Systems...

Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory (EOSL)

EOSL conducts research in broad areas in electro-optical systems, including:

  • EO Systems hardware
  • Modeling and analysis of EO-IR systems
  • Integrated sensing systems
  • Optical device technology
  • LIDAR system design and measurement
  • Engineered materials
  • Thermal management
  • Active EO- ISR
  • Sensor integration and visualization

Technology areas of pre-eminence include:

  • Electro-Optical countermeasures technology and analysis
  • Multiple Objective Evolutionary Programming (MOEP) for automatic development of hybrid classification algorithms
  • Active EO-ISR for real-time processing
  • LIDAR systems development
  • Engineered materials to devices
  • Advanced packaging for transmit/receive modules used in active phased array radars

The lab performs applied research in the growth and application of carbon nanotubes, multifunctional materials, RFID and optical tagging, chem-bio sensors, and has the leading Medical Device Test Center, which examines the interactions between medical devices and security and logistical systems.

EOSL has the following specially configured research centers:

  • The Center for Optimization of Simulated Multiple Objective Systems
  • Phosphor Technology Center of Excellence
Visit EOSL's lab-maintained web page for more information.