Meeting mission-critical needs

Much of GTRI's work with the U.S. federal government supports defense and security. GTRI has been meeting mission-critical military needs since the 1950's. We are proud to serve our nation by developing effective, creative solutions that support national defense and homeland security.

From electronic defense technologies to vehicle survivability to high-tech networking, our defense technology expertise is recognized worldwide. GTRI gives defense agencies a strategic advantage by quickly implementing real-world solutions that allow our warfighters to:

  • Be prepared
  • Effectively defend themselves and others
  • Maximize their effectiveness and efficiency

To read more about GTRI defense technology solutions, browse the solution areas below or our defense case studies. To learn about solutions for other federal agencies, visit our Federal Government Solutions page. You can also find detailed descriptions of GTRI's eight research laboratories by visiting our research laboratory overview page.

Test and Evaluation

We support programs ranging from product test and evaluation services to large-scale system operational tests to scientific research on future test needs. GTRI combines extensive in-house testing facilities with advanced processes and tools and a network of field offers to meet testing needs.

Vehicle Survivability

Our researchers combine proven vehicle technologies with advanced materials and engineering concepts—including ballistic and mine protection—to improve military combat vehicle survivability and mobility. For over 30 years, GTRI has been at the forefront of advanced aircraft defensive and countermeasure systems, from tactics, technologies and techniques through full defensive system integration.

Integrated Air and Missile Defense

GTRI's multidisciplinary systems and software research skills include analysis and modeling of complete air and missile defense systems, hardware-in-the-loop simulations and operational test support. GTRI is also designated as an official University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) as a primary sponsor.

Integrated Sensing

Signal detection. Signal analysis. Imaging. Fusion. Dissemination. Renowned experts in sensor technologies conduct research on the most advanced algorithms and data fusion techniques in the world.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering education. First-of-a-kind systems. Complex systems research. To GTRI, systems engineering is not just a process, it's our culture. We focus on solid system design and analysis methods, modeling and simulation, and innovative test approaches.

Electro-Optical / Infrared Systems

GTRI conducts basic research in optical and infrared physics and phenomenology. We develop optical systems and techniques ranging from missile warning to night vision to unique sensors for chemical and biological agents.

Radar Systems

Our researchers investigate and develop radio frequency sensor systems. They particularly focus on radar systems, electromagnetic environmental effects, radar system performance modeling and simulations, signal and array processing, electronic protection and antenna technology.

Unmanned Vehicle

We develop advanced systems concepts related to the design, construction and integration of advanced air, land and sea vehicles, especially unmanned vehicle systems.

Command and Control

GTRI focuses on systems engineering solutions in electronic defense and human systems integration, including command and control. We conduct multidisciplinary systems and software research related to battlefield command and control modeling.

Technology Insertion

We offer cost-effective, innovative and reliable engineering solutions to extend the lives of military electronic systems. Resourceful insertion of technology alleviates obsolescence, increases reliability, lowers costs and improves performance.


Our experts help government agencies enhance performance of existing systems, while reducing total operating costs. We create solutions by applying multidisciplinary analysis, simulation and modeling technologies to existing systems.

Human Systems Integration

We conduct world-class research in cognitive science, user-centered design, and system development and testing. Using a combination of analyses, assessments and tests, we lead human engineering programs for a diverse set of customers.

Threat Simulation and Data Analysis

GTRI has a 30-year history of analysis and simulation of foreign threat systems, from integrated air defense systems to small, improvised explosive devices.


Our experts take a multidisciplinary approach to developing new technologies aimed at keeping our nation's warfighters safe from improvised explosive devices.

Modeling and Simulation

GTRI researchers use advanced engineering models and simulations as the foundation of nearly all our research areas. We also continue to advance the science of modeling and simulation with investigations ranging from basic phenomenology to large distributed simulation systems.