GTRI’s Organizational Development department provides direction to improve effectiveness through successful talent management. The department is responsible for planning events, projects and/or talent engagement initiatives to promote organizational culture. Increase productivity and work satisfaction, through guidance of assessment, planning and consulting.


New Employee Onboarding

Exceptional employee performance results from a sense of ownership, accountability, and a personal connection to our mission, vision, values, and culture. The purpose of this program is to help you navigate your first year at GTRI and encourage career development, which aligns and supports GTRI’s culture, community engagement, and institutional sustainability. Each event will help you become acclimated to the organization and create a successful career path through impactful, informative, and engaging learning activities.

Onboarding Events

  • Day 1: New Employee Orientation - An introduction to GTRI, where you learn more about the organization and gain a better understanding of GTRI benefits. 
  • 3 Months: Leadership Engagement Experience - Connect with, learn more about, and network with GTRI’s leadership team and other new hires.
  • 6 Months: Navigating Your Career - Discover more about GTRI’s culture and navigate towards improving and clarifying your career goals. 
  • 12 Months: Driving Your Career - Develop a sustainable Career Action Plan to take ownership of your career development and progression at GTRI.