Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

This Robot’s Gentle Grip Can Harvest Berries and Other Delicate Fruit

Harvesting a field full of fragile blackberries is no easy task. Biomedical engineering roboticist Yue Chen is working with collaborators at Georgia Tech and the University of Arkansas on an autonomous robotic solution to this backbreaking work.

Now Chen is adding more Georgia Tech collaborators to his team — Ye Zhao in mechanical engineering and Ai-Ping Hu in the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) — to take the next steps with the gripper, including making it mobile and able to move autonomously through fields. They have new seed funding from GTRI and more.

Technology Org

Quantum, Classical Computing Combine to Tackle Tough Optimization Problems

A research team led by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) was recently selected for second-phase funding of a $9.2 million project aimed at demonstrating a hybrid computing system that will combine the advantages of classical computing with those of quantum computing to tackle some of the world’s most difficult optimization problems.

Georgia Tech Research

GTRI Graduate Student Fellowship Expands

Seeking to further enhance the benefit of research collaborations with academic faculty, last year GTRI started the Graduate Student Fellowship Program to catalyze long-term research collaborations between their scientists and researchers and Georgia Tech academic faculty.

The first eight projects in the inaugural cohort from the College of Engineering have been a great success, and in the second year the fellowship is expanding to include all the colleges across Georgia Tech.

Tech Briefs

Lunar Flashlight to Search for Water on the Moon

“By studying the light returned, the system will tell us whether water ice is present in these permanently-shaded areas,” said Jud Ready, principal research engineer at GTRI and the Lunar Flashlight project’s principal investigator at Georgia Tech.


Catalyzing Innovation; in Conversation with Women in STEM

The role women and girls play in STEM is honored annually by the United Nations on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. To recognize this day, AZoSensors interviewed multiple women across the sensors field, including, GTRI Principal Research Scientist Jill Gostin.

Georgia Tech - Agricultural Technology Research Program

Georgia Tech Student Researchers Tackle Poultry Industry Challenges

The Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Agricultural Technology Research Program (ATRP) has selected Lance Barrett and Ryan Giometti as the 2022 R. Harold and Patsy Harrison Student Interns. They are the first recipients of the one-year funded internships made possible through an endowment from the R. Harold and Patsy Harrison Foundation.


Hypersonics Research Soars

The Defense Department’s University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics has some U.S. universities examining solutions to address the pressing challenges of hypersonic flight. One team, Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering and the Georgia Tech Research Institute—which is conducting hypersonics applied research over the next three years under four grants totaling $6 million—is focusing on high-temperature materials science, aerospace and mechanical engineering issues, radio frequency radomes, vehicle controls, window materials and improvements in temperature measurement capabilities


New approach transports trapped ions to create entangling gates

Scientists at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have demonstrated the feasibility of a new approach that moves trapped ion pairs through a single laser beam, potentially reducing power requirements and simplifying the system.

11 Alive

Researchers at Georgia Tech developing device that scans air for COVID

“Our idea was to develop a system that provides early warning for the presence of infectious disease rather than the typical, you know, human diagnostics which are very complex and time consuming, and results can take hours or even days," said Mike Farrell, a GTRI principal research scientist leading the project.

U.S. Army

3rd ID collaborates with Cadets at inaugural Marne Innovation Workshop

Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division participated in the first Marne Innovation Workshop at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Jan. 6-9, 2022. The workshop is a collaborative event that included participants from the Army ROTC program at Georgia Tech, the United States Military Academy and the 75th Innovation Command.