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Project Improves Cybersecurity of Global Ship-Tracking System

Cybersecurity improvements developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in collaboration with the U.S. Navy could soon help bolster protection for the Automated Identification System (AIS), which is used to track and identify commercial and military ships around the world.  

GTRI Makes STEM Accessible for Students in Smyrna, Ga.

Over 150 students and their parents attended a STEM outreach day coordinated by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and the City of Smyrna. Attendees explored the world of science and learned about the different career opportunities in the science industry.

Researchers Develop Wideband Millimeter Wave Transmit/Receive Module

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing a wideband four-channel millimeter wave transmit-receive (T/R) module based on silicon-germanium (SiGe) technology that will support active electronically-scanned arrays (AESA) for potential military applications.

GTRI 'Hacks' Solutions for Pressing Cybersecurity Challenges

When people think about the game capture the flag, memories of gym class or family trips likely come to mind. GTRI is participating in a slightly different version of this childhood favorite, where teams face off against opponents across the world to tackle real-world cybersecurity issues.  

Study Describes Radar Impacts, Potential Mitigation, from Offshore Wind Turbines

A recent study led by a Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) specialist in sensors and intelligent systems documented the effects of wind turbines in creating potential confusion among ship operators using marine vessel radar (MVR) as a critical navigation tool.

AAPI Heritage Month Promotes Individuality and Community

GT and GTRI celebrated Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month during May. Members of the GTRI Community share their personal stories.

Georgia Tech and GTRI Offer Military Fellowship

The Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech Research Institute supports U.S. active duty, guard, or reserve military officers by awarding Military Graduate Research Program Fellowships.

GTRI’s Cobb County Impact Showcased to Military Support Organization

One of Cobb County’s best-kept secrets was recently unveiled in a big way for a group of county leaders with interests in military matters.

Quantum, Classical Computing Combine to Tackle Tough Optimization Problems

A research team led by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) was recently selected for second-phase funding of a $9.2 million project aimed at demonstrating a hybrid computing system that will combine the advantages of classical computing with those of quantum computing.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Classify COVID-19 Severity in Pregnant People

By applying natural-language artificial intelligence techniques to analyze text fields in health records, researchers have developed an automated approach for classifying the severity of COVID-19 illness among pregnant people. The automated approach could accelerate the processing of surveillance records for pregnant patients, who are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 illness than non-pregnant people infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.