E15: What is STING?

This episode features Chris Olinde, co-lead for the Sparking Technology Innovation and Growth (STING) professional development program. In this episode, podcast host Chelsea Selby interviews Chris about the STING program. She then talks with two STING sponsors from Cohort 3, 1LT Chris Aliperti and SFC Bill Wilder, both with the U.S. Army 3rdInfantry Division (3ID) at Ft. Stewart, Ga. Chelsea discusses their sponsorship of a STING problem and the result of working with their STING team. Finally, Chelsea interviews Elise Young and DJ Akers, two members from the STING team who worked on the 3ID problem in spring of 2022. They describe their experience with STING and how they arrived at the potential solution recommended to 3ID.

Talking Points

In this episode, listeners will hear about:

  • STING: the origin, purpose, and ongoing schedule for this unique professional development program at GTRI.
  • How to get involved in the STING program and when the next cohort will be kicking off.
  • The 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) innovation team and their mission. Also, why 3ID was interested in sponsoring a problem for STING.
  • Two members of the STING 3rdcohort who worked on the 3ID problem. What their experience was like, how they arrived at their solution, and their recommendations for anyone considering participating in the next STING cohort