E20: Hiring Our Heroes


In this episode of the Georgia Tech Research Podcast, host Chelsea Selby talks to Erik Andersen, a Principal Research Associate in Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) Electro-Optic Systems Directorate (EOSD). This episode introduces listeners to the “Hiring Our Heroes” U.S. Chamber of Commerce program, which Connects organizations such as GT and GTRI to the military community in order to create economic opportunity and a strong /diversified workforce. Through Hiring Our Heroes, GT and GTRI get an insider look at service members’ separation from the military and how we  bring them into the GT/GTRI community of researchers.  The Podcast discusses what the underlying concepts and principles of military separation are, why they are important at Georgia Tech and GTRI, and what implications these concepts have on the future hiring of military members, their spouses, and other veterans.