E5: Severe Storms Research Center

John Trostel, Director of GTRI’s Severe Storms Research Center (SSRC), and Jessica Losego, SSRC Research Scientist, speak with Scott McAtee about the research done at the SSRC and its impact on regional weather prediction.

Talking Points

  • The SSRC:
    • Was established in 1999 after a deadly tornado hit Gainesville, Georgia
    • Performs a variety of outreach to middle schools
  • In this episode, you will:
    • Learn about the instruments used and the research being done at the SSRC
    • Learn about lightning, how it relates to tornadoes, and about different types of storms
    • Find out where to safest places to go are if you see lightning (hint: not under a tree!)
    • Hear John and Jessica’s personal stories about their interest in severe storms research
  • The 1996 movie Twister affected the field of meteorology Resources Webpages