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E8: Start-Up with a GTRI & GT Connection

Apr 13, 2022

This episode features Dr. Lavonda Brown, founder and CEO of EyeGageTM. She is a Georgia Tech (GT) graduate (PHD-Electrical Engineering, MBA), and was formerly a researcher in the GTRI Aerospace, Transportation and Advanced Systems (ATAS) Laboratory.

Talking Points

  • This episode explores the path from being a GT student to a successful entrepreneur of an Atlanta based startup. GT is the largest producer of seedling start-up companies in the United States.
  • In this episode, listeners will hear:
    • The general steps it takes to formulate the idea behind a startup, the classes one can take at GT to facilitate this process, the way to leverage time invested on campus as a student and as a GTRI researcher, and the lessons learned from Dr. Brown in this journey.
    • Dr. Brown details what EyeGageTM is about, and its value to the marketplace, and provides insight into the thought processes of creating a start-up.


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