Sensors and Intelligent Systems Directorate

The Sensors and Intelligent Systems Directorate (SISD) is a nationally recognized research and development directorate of GTRI that serves the interests of the U.S. Government, State of Georgia, and Georgia Tech community.

Our Work

Broadly, SISD’s research and development work emphasizes sensors, networks of sensors, and autonomous systems; further, it encompasses underlying enabling technologies as applied to a wide variety of specific sponsor challenges involving systems engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, radar, antennas, electromagnetics, electronic warfare, acoustics, physical phenomenology, command and control, network communications, software and hardware development, and signal and data processing. The products of SISD’s research span the continuum from physics-based models and complex simulations to component technologies, to representative prototypes and specialized fielded systems.

The three labs comprising SISD work collaboratively, performing complementary work. The Advanced Concepts Laboratory (ACL) develops component, system, and operational solutions that anticipate and counter next-generation threats, with an emphasis on analyzing, simulating, modeling, and prototyping technologies that operate in the electromagnetic spectrum. The Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory (SEAL) develops advanced sensor and electronic warfare (EW) systems from initial concepts through full system prototypes. The Aerospace, Transportation & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATASL) develops advanced technologies and systems from concept development to prototypes.

Location: Atlanta, GA