Ground-Based Air Defense Systems

The Applied Systems Laboratory (ASL) is a leader in ground-based air defense fire control, command and control, and weapon systems integration for the Army and Foreign Military Sale (FMS) community. Our researchers develop complete life-cycle tactical software and hardware fire control systems from concept to deployment. ASL leverages its air defense subject matter expertise, mature software processes, and expandable componentized open system and software architecture framework and software component library to integrate and rapidly develop fire control for weapon and system components. The framework provides interfaces to tactical radars and tactical missile launchers, reconfigurable man-machine interface, radar tracking, data collection, command and control, threat evaluation, fire control, external interfaces, and embedded trainer software/firmware components. These include high-fidelity models of the fire control and surveillance radars, launchers and missiles, along with scenario generation and target modeling.

Examples of ASL research in Ground-Based Air Defense Systems include:

  • Tactical fire control shelters designed complete with ASL-developed man-machine interface systems with local and remote tactical datalink connectivity
  • Successful live fire demonstration of tactical shelters that are currently fielded, in use by multiple US allies, with on-going sustainment efforts that continue to be managed by ASL
  • Developed and demonstrated the expertise, capability, and tools independent of the prime contractor to rapidly integrate, prototype, and successfully live fire the U.S. Army’s Multi-Mission Launcher with the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS)
  • Developed and live fire demonstrated a fire control solution for Air Force air-to-air missiles launched from a ground-based Army launcher