Cybersecurity, Information Protection, and Hardware Evaluation Research (CIPHER)

The Cybersecurity, Information Protection, and Hardware Evaluation Research Laboratory is a leader in developing the technologies that secure, defend, and respond to threats within our country’s information, distribution, and network systems.

CIPHER provides high-impact solutions to some of today’s most challenging cybersecurity problems for both government and industry, while also developing far-reaching high-risk high-payoff cyber technologies to respond to future threats. CIPHER engineers and scientists develop and apply cutting-edge technologies in computing, network architectures, signal and protocol analysis, network forensics, custom algorithms for cyber defense and attribution, malware analysis, insider threat detection and mitigation, hardware and software reverse engineering, and advanced analytics. 

Georgia Tech Campus Collaboration

CIPHER researchers collaborate extensively with Georgia Tech faculty and students on projects across the range of core competencies and CIPHER employs and trains numerous Georgia Tech students. CIPHER is a critical part of many Georgia Tech campus interdisciplinary centers, most notably the Institute for Information Security & Privacy (IISP) and the Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH). CIPHER faculty teach classes in multiple departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

External Collaboration 

CIPHER collaborates with outside partners in industry, government, and academia.  CIPHER has hosted academic researchers and government employees for extended periods of time for cybersecurity research and training opportunities. In addition, CIPHER researchers have worked in government facilities to provide expertise across a range of technical areas. 

Professional Education, Outreach and Awareness

CIPHER cybersecurity experts provide tailored educational opportunities, hacker competitions, emerging threat conferences, threat landscape reports, and other outreach activities. Effective information security programs must first be grounded in education and training as threats become increasingly sophisticated.  GTRI offers a range of Cyber Security Professional Education courses.