Test Engineering of Electronic Warfare and Avionics Systems

ELSYS engages in a full range of electronic warfare (EW) and avionics test lifecycle activities, from specialized measurement facility testing such as anechoic chamber testing, to development and delivery of laboratory Hardware-in-the-Loop (HITL) and Systems Integration Lab (SIL) test sets, through development and delivery of specialized lab, ground and flight test tools used for EW and avionics test. A summary of EW and avionics T&E activities with typical use include:

  • Image removed.Design, development, and delivery of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HITL) Test sets for laboratory test of EW and Avionics Systems. These are typically used for developmental, Operational Flight Program (OFP), and Mission Data File (MDF) testing.
  • Design, development, and delivery of System Integration Lab (SIL) test sets for integrated testing of EW and Avionics Systems. These are typically used for OFP and integrated suite testing.
  • Design, development, and delivery of EW and avionic system functional test sets. These are typically used for system/subsystem go/no-go testing and troubleshooting.
  • Development of EW test tools, including RF threat generation tools, HITL, and SIL test set development, data collection and analysis tools for RF analysis and federated system interface test and evaluation. These are typically used for specialized lab testing of EW systems and subsystem
  • Support for Developmental and Operational flight test of EW systems, including test planning, execution, and data analysis. Support includes development of specialized recorders and data reduction and analysis tools.
  • Development of EW Mission Data File generation and testing toolsets.

Our sponsors span the US Air Force, Army, and Navy services across a wide variety of EW and avionics systems.