Scott Fouse

Former Vice President, Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin

Mr. Fouse recently retired from Lockheed Martin Space Systems and has now formed a new entity, Fouse Consulting Services, which is focused on helping companies identify technology enabled futures. He has led three R&D organizations which have had a focus on Intelligent Systems. He has extensive experience working with DARPA in the general area of Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence. His primary interests are in Human Machine Teaming and new systems engineering techniques to better specify Human Machine Systems.

The last position he held there was VP of Research for Lockheed Martin Space, overseeing the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a group of about 500 Scientists and Engineers supporting the Lockheed Martin Space Company. In that position he was responsible for all aspects of the organization.

Prior to his position at the ATC, Mr. Fouse was the Director of the Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL), a position he had held since Jan 1, 2010. In that position he was responsible for all aspects of the organization, which was 240 people and a premier R&D organization primarily focused on DARPA. Prior to that, Mr. Fouse was CTO of ATL. In that position he managed the Internal Research activities and was a liaison to the Lockheed Martin business units as well as the corporate staff.

Since 1998 Mr. Fouse has participated in a number of senior advisory groups. He was a member of the AF Scientific Advisory Board from October 2003 until October 2008. In that position he supported a number of special studies, chaired a study on Experimentation to support Disruptive Innovation, Co-chaired a review of the AFRL Information Directorate in 2005, and also participated in two other Directorate Reviews, the Information Directorate in 2003 and the Munitions Directorate in 2005. In 2012 Mr. Fouse participated in a Defense Science Board study on Technology to Enable Superiority in 2030. In 2006 Mr. Fouse participated in a Defense Science Board study on Information Management to Support Net Centric Operations. Mr. Fouse was a member of the DARPA ISAT group from 2001 to 2004, where he participated in a number of studies. In 2002 he chaired a study group for the DARPA IXO office to define directions for C2 Research. He chaired the Joshua advisory group which provided advice to the AF Information Directorate Information Systems Division. Mr. Fouse was the Lockheed Martin representative on the Rocket Lab Board of Directors from 2015 until 2018. Mr. Fouse is currently on the International Academy of Astronautics Board of Trustees and also on the board of Trustees for Planetary Science Inc, a non profit company based in Tucson Arizona.

Before coming to Lockheed Martin, Mr. Fouse was President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of ISX Corporation, a 50 person company that specialized in creating and transitioning advanced IT systems to operational use. ISX was the recipient of three Contractor of the Year awards from DARPA. Mr. Fouse was a leader in the DARPA Command Post of the Future project, which created a significant advance in C2 Systems and became the primary C2 system for Iraq at the Corp, Division, Brigade and Battalion echelons.