Homeland Open Security...

Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST)

Our nation relies on vast networks of electronic and information distribution systems to conduct daily governmental, business and personal activities. Similar to roads and bridges, these cyber networks represent a foundational component of our nation's critical infrastructure and protection of these public and private information systems is critical to our national security interests.

The mission of the Homeland Open Security Technology (HOST) program is to investigate open security methods, models and technologies and identify viable and sustainable approaches that support national cyber security objectives.

To achieve this mission, HOST will lead efforts of discovery, collaboration and seeding development in open source software and practices that produce a measurable impact.

HOST program activities will focus on:

DISCOVERY: Leading the discovery process to investigate existing and potential open security projects and techniques that support and protect government cyber networks

COLLABORATION: Coordinating collaborative development activities and establishing working relationships between public and private-sector research and development communities.

INVESTMENT: Contributing seed investments in advanced research and development activities that support national cyber security objectives and producing sustainable project communities through broad adoption by public and private-sector use and support.

Implementation of the HOST program is conducted through a collaborative relationship between the Department of Homeland Security and the Open Technology Research Consortium (OTRC).

The OTRC is a strategic alliance of leading research institutions, non-profit open source organizations and industry partners whose mission is to work with government agencies to facilitate the broad adoption of open technology solutions in public sector IT systems and to help realize the technical, administrative and economic benefits of using open technology solutions.

Open Technology Research Consortium members involved in HOST include: