STEM Community Outreach

STEM@GTRI brings the expertise from Georgia Tech’s science, technology, engineering and math research and faculty to Georgia’s K12 educators, students, and communities. Through our interactive outreach exhibits STEM@GTRI creates awareness of and excitement about education and career opportunities in STEM fields.​​​​​​


GTRI STEM Road KitsSTEM@GTRI brings fun, educational and engaging STEM activities to K12 students at school or STEM events. Our library of portable science demonstrations, called STEM Road Kits, are staffed by Georgia Tech scientists and engineers who can bring the excitement and fun of science to Georgia schools, science festivals, and community events at no cost.

Most of the kits contain more than one activity or demonstration associated with a single STEM subject area. Many of the kits can be combined into a themed presentation, allowing the flexibility to engage a variety of audience sizes. Where relevant, road kits are aligned with Georgia science teaching standards.

Topics include electrostatics, vacuum chamber physics, acoustics, rotational physics, sun and solar system, microscopes, non-newtonian fluids, basic chemistry, fossils, light, and air pressure. 

Want to bring a road kit to your school or STEM event? To learn more, contact Jack Wood. 


stemSTEM@GTRI operates a traveling laser museum called Laserfest. Laserfest began in 2010 as GTRI’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser. Laserfest is a series of eleven museum-quality, portable, hands-on science exhibits featuring lasers and laser technology.

Laserfest exhibits are engaging and colorful and illustrate a variety of topics concerning the science of optics and lasers in particular while highlighting some of the applications of lasers in modern society (telecommunications, entertainment, data storage, etc.). Dynamic signage in the form of digital monitors playing looped videos adds to engagement and understanding. Videos use age-appropriate graphics to explain the science behind the exhibits and provide instructions for how to manipulate them.

STEM@GTRI can bring Laserfest to your school and engage your students with GTRI scientists as they have fun learning about science. If interested, please reach out to Jack Wood so we can ensure we have the space required to bring Laserfest on site. To date we have visited schools in 17 Georgia counties, and about 40,000 people have seen the exhibition at various schools, the Atlanta Science Festival, and the Tellus Museum to name a few.


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